• Rachel DiNunzio

Children's Book Characters: All About Forsynthia

Back in 2011 (I can’t believe that is seven years ago!!!) I set out on a character development process. My goal was to make a character that could represent all kids. This character needed to be someone that any child could see themselves in and could take on the challenges that kiddos encounter in elementary school. Should this be a person? An animal? Male? Female? What do they think like? Act like? What is their disposition? Through the many sketch stages, writing and research sessions— the character grew into someone who one day became, her! And that is how Forsynthia was created. Forsynthia is a five year old green dragon with purple spots: she’s off to a new school in her new yellow shoes and has a peanut allergy.

Now she has her own series: Forsynthia Fits In. Each Forsynthia book is an adaptation of story based on a challenge faced by a real little one. Read them all for free here on Radish Lane!

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