Lessons and Activities!

Be Kind: Kindness Activities

Kindness Stickers

Read Be Kind and then give out Printable stickers for your classroom.

Use with Avery 4227.

Kindness Signature Poster

Sign this as a classroom pledge and hang for all to see.

Kindness Cookie


This is a must-have in all classrooms. Read Be Kind and then recognize acts of kindness 

Kindness Worksheet

Read Be Kind, and use worksheet to reflect on what you have read.

Holiday Thanks

Printable coloring sheet.

Kindness Canvas

Create a classroom work of art!

Scarlet's Symphony: Senses Activities

Senses Activity

Read Scarlet's Symphony and talk all about senses.

Create a Conductor Stick for your very own Sensory Symphony

Read Scarlet's Symphony and create a classroom of sensory conductors!

Writer and Artist Projects

Make a book that could change the world

Become an author and illustrator and learn how to make a Forsynthia book about kindness or a Scarlet's Symphony book about senses. 

Cartoonist Activity

Learn how to make a cartoon!

Activity can be adapted for

various grade levels.